Tuesday, October 21, 2014


our quick trip to colorado for a family funeral. most of these images were actually taken from the truck while traveling down the I-70 interstate or Hwy 6. most of the trip was spent with family in which I actually left my camera at the hotel and forgot to get group pictures (I'm such an awful person!) but I was more focused on spending quality time with everyone and not my normal urge to always have the camera in hand, which is probably a really good thing when you think about it. we did manage to take a side trip on the way out of colorado. we stopped in breckenridge for some shopping and grab some grub and then took Hwy 6 through the Loveland Pass to see the Continental Divide. It was a really short side trip but at least we got to see a smidge new back country to make us smile a bit. Justin and I have been to Breckenridge about six years ago, but it was fun to go back even if it was for a few hours.

we managed to make the 19-hr drive straight through both on the way out there and way back. the kids were amazing considering the long journey, but in order to actually accomplish this we had to drive through the night while they slept leaving Justin and I running on adrenaline the entire time while in Colorado and now zombies once we got home.

finally reaching Denver feels like a giant relief and sigh of contentment when those first glimpses of the mountain tops come into sight.

 sunset leaving glenwood canyon.
 pitstop in breckenridge.
i totally forgot to get a picture with me and the kids during our south dakota trip this summer, so luckily i at least remembered to get one this time.
 sunset leaving denver. goodbye breathtaking colorado, until we meet again.
 an Iowa sunrise.

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