Monday, November 4, 2013

yellow pants + fall leaves + bomber hats = a definite must

one thing I can tell you is that yellow pants are a must for fall. they brighten the drab colors that are setting in around this time of year and pull out the colors in the leaves that are left. but having the cutest three and a half year old you know wearing them is always a plus. we managed to sneak outside for a bit on Saturday to play in the leaves. it was just what I needed to break away from work for half a day and share some giggles, snuggles, and kisses with my three loves. ok, so let's be real, Justin wouldn't smooch with me, but a girl can still try. luv you honey ;)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the end of procrastination...a swingset is finally up!

i shouldn't laugh but i can't help it. we are finally getting her "playground" as she calls it put up after having it in the garage for over a year. justin got so frustrated with it last summer that he couldn't work on it. no offense to any Menards lovers out there, but justin can't stand them. he's a contractor. he buys from the local lumber yard for the best quality but thought perhaps for the entire set it'd be better to get a kit....WRONG. the boards were so warped and nothing labeled and instructions in a foreign language that he cursed and cursed and gave up. he even tried buying other 4x4s from the lumber yard (hence those shown in a different color) to try to get it to work better. so this year we said we just had to suck it up and do it and get it done with.
the slide is at too much of an incline so justin tried to raise it up for her but she still comes down so fast and then flies into the grass face first. every time she gets back up and announces "nope, not good yet, fix it Dad." poor girl, gonna break her nose on the ground, but i couldn't stop laughing. initially when the slide bottom was sitting on the ground she would go over the first curve, go airborne and then land really hard on the bottom. so he tried to raise it so that wouldn't happen. now she doesn't go airborne but she still has too much momentum to stop herself at the bottom. he ended up switching it out to the right of where the slide currently is and moved those pallets/wall to the current slide opening. works much better now. when the kids are older and can stop themselves without doing a face plant justin will switch it back.