Monday, June 25, 2012

welcoming my new sister to the family

dear family + friends: i know everybody has been asking so please enjoy this wedding preview! Natalie and Evan hired another professional photographer to shoot the main portions of their wedding since I was {obviously} in the wedding, but they asked me to do the getting ready and dance, so here's a few that I snapped to document their tremendously amazing, tearful (in a good way), joyful jump up-and-down shouting "Hallelujah, the day is here" lovely kind of day. xoxo

amanda's eyes are to die for. piercing and stunning.
her brother Luke's band Ten Gallon Hat played. awesomeness. luke's on drums :)
poor baby girl....lexi was sooo exhausted. she danced her heart out and then actually ASKED to go home and go to bed.
thanks melissa sweeney for actually getting some pictures of ME! yes, i know...a bizarre occurrence of me in front of the camera. <3
 melissa took a few of Natalie's Dad's band playing too.
i'm pretty sure there was some Bussan shuffle going on here. it's their i don't know if they actually call it that or evan nicknamed it.
 i know that there is pain, but you hold on for one more day and break free from the chains...