Monday, March 17, 2014


while hanging with liam yesterday, I said "did you know you're no longer a baby?" He shook his head no. No, I'm not a baby. He knew. "Liam, you're a toddler now." He looked at me, rolled his eyes and shook his head yes as if saying "Mom, I've been a toddler for awhile now, get with the times, I'm a big boy." And that he is. One year later. One year. Time sure flies. Last night while playing in the man cave, he crawled up on me, put his head down on my chest and reached his hand up toward me. It brought one of my favorite memories to mind and I said "it was probably about this time last year you were doing the same exact thing." So I look at the clock....7:47pm....almost exactly one year to the dot. one year and 18 minutes ago he had laid on my chest and I vividly remember those first moments he laid there and he looked up at my face with his big eyes and reached toward me as if he was saying "Hi Mom, I know you. Nice to meet you" and here almost exactly one year later he was doing it again. I'm a sentimental sap on things like this. Every time Liam lays on my chest just so I remember that moment and the look in his eyes and the warmth in my heart. He makes us so happy.

I didn't quite get all my decorating and details done that I wanted to for this party. I have just been too extremely busy, but it was still fun and Liam doesn't know the difference. Antlers, deer, other forest animals, a naked cake, magnets and succulents for party favors, and a crown fit for a king. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM! xoxo

and I managed to take a couple rolls of film this weekend, so only time will tell how long it takes me to get those developed ;)

a few from the previous weekend
my 2am walrus decorating helper >>>
who can resist a little baby butt crack? ;)
sissy shouldn't sleep in so long, brother is already good at browsing through her things when she's not around.

vendor list:
cake - D L Cakery - my to-go cake ladies of choice
crown - The Vintage Cradle
magnets - ACI Lab
succulents - Home Depot